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2009 1604 HP Nissan R35 GT-R

Location:Abu Dhabi, UAE
VIN (Chassis #):JN1AR54F69M251331
Engine:4.1L V6 (Stroked, Twin Turbo)
Mileage Type:mi
Exterior Color:Black
Interior Color:Black
Market Value Estimation:-
Inspection ReportOpen report
History ReportOpen report

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This 2009 Nissan GT-R is an extensively modified AMS Alpha 16XR. Built by F-Performance, the renowned high performance shop in Dubai, this drag strip special produces a whopping 1604 hp.

  • Dynoed at 1604 horsepower and 1257 lb ft. of torque at F Performance
  • Extensively modified with an AMS Alpha 16XR kit, transmission upgrades, exterior mods and more
  • Nissan Abu Dhabi dealer imported from the US with a clean title, no accidents and 2 owners


The R35 GT-R is already an automotive icon and a great benchmark for a high-performance sports car. However, this 2009 example goes far beyond the original Godzilla recipe. This GT-R was a brand new US spec vehicle in premium trim initially imported by Al Masaood, the Nissan dealer in Abu Dhabi. The first owner later commissioned the AMS Alpha 16XR build at F Performance Dubai, which was completed in April 2021. The transmission was also rebuilt at F Performance in October 2021. In addition, the first owner also had the vehicle repainted to gloss black.

Since then, the second and current owner has owned this GT-R for a year. The car was also recently serviced at Downshift Autoservices in Abu Dhabi. You may have to recall another one of F Performance’s cars on The Grand Tour. They built the1900 hp Nissan Patrol that drag-raced and won against a Porsche 918 Spyder driven by Richard Hammond.


Records confirm full dealer service history, and the last recorded service was undertaken on 09 October 2022 at 15,838 miles at Downshift Auto Service. Some of the invoices from the build by F Performance are also available in the History Report.


The extensive build undertaken at F Performance Dubai is detailed below:


  • Engine stroked to 4.1L (from stock 3.8L VR38DETT)
  • AMS ALPHA 16XR - Garrett GTX3582R Gen II Ball Bearing Billet Turbo
  • Syvecs S6 Plus R35 GT-R ECU
  • Stage 5 Racing GT-R Head
  • Kelford Camshaft 237-T1
  • Ferrea complete valve train package (dabble springs, 1mm oversize)
  • ARP main studs & head studs kit 
  • T1R gasket set
  • AMS Alpha CNC engine oil pan
  • AMS Alpha air/oil separator & Dodson engine oil cap
  • AMS Alpha GTR R35 Race Intercooler & carbon fibre upper pipe
  • AMS Alpha Intake manifold carbon fibre (Blue) w. 12 injectors
  • Tial Blow-Off Valve (Blue)
  • Injector Dynamics Up 1700x & Injector Dynamics Down 1300x
  • F Performance custom engine breather
  • ATP big bore throttle  
  • AMS fuel rail & AMS fuel cooler
  • AMS Alpha Performance GTR Omega brushless dual fuel pump system
  • JMS PowerMAX FuelMAX v2 booster pump
  • T1R Fuel pressure plug & play kit
  • Syvecs flex fuel kit & Aeromotive fuel filter
  • Koyorad radiator  
  • AMS Alpha coolant expansion tank with Dodson thermostat (63 C)
  • T1R boost solenoid kit
  • T1R race development harmonic damper
  • OEM Nissan bell housing (2016)
  • ETS flywheel
  • T1R pressure monitor


  • Dodson STG 5 Extreme Gearset
  • Dodson Pro Max clutch (alloy version 12/12)
  • HKS DCT transmission cooler kit
  • ShepTrans billet 1-R shift fork 
  • Dodson gear selector shaft 2-4-6 & shaft 3-5
  • Dodson gear selector & HD synchro set
  • Dodson FWD Clutch (Sheptrans spec)
  • Dodson FWD Output shaft
  • Dodson billet rear reduction gears
  • Dodson heavy-duty clutch return spring retaining clips
  • Dodson piston shaft seals
  • Dodson FWD retainer
  • Dodson mechanical locks #1 and #2
  • Dodson selector piston shims x 4
  • Dodson O-ring & seal upgrade kit
  • Dodson oil pump shaft upgrade w. blueprint
  • Dodson high-temperature rear differential oil seal
  • ShepTrans FWD ball retainer
  • ShepTrans FWD clutch fluid
  • Nissan (OEM) FWD output seal
  • ShepTrans billet thrust plate
  • Dodson 2,4,6 & 1,3,5 thrust bearing circlip
  • Nissan (OEM) rear differential side seals
  • T1 rear differential brace & ARP rear differential bolt upgrade
  • Dodson drag sump/billet pan & surge/baffle kit
  • Nissan (OEM) transmission pan gasket
  • Transmission & rear differential fill plug gaskets & washers (x2)
  • Dodson reusable transmission filter
  • 6 Neodymium magnets


  • Revozport Carbon Fiber Hood w. Top Secret Locks
  • Revozport Carbon Fiber Trunk w. LED & TommyKaira GTR LED Emblem 
  • Zelee Carbon Fiber Side Skirt
  • Ver Style Rear Under Skirt Diffuser Lip w. LED
  • Carbon Fiber Mirrors & Fender Vent Scoops with Side Emblem
  • Carbon Fiber Fender Vents Scoops w. Side Emblem

Wheels & Tires:

  • Michelin Pilot Sport 3 on 285/35/20 on all four sides (as pictured)
  • Drag wheels: 18” Rays wheels w. Mickey Thompson tires 275/45/18 front & 345/35/18 rear
  • DBA slotted brake rotors - front & rear
  • Endless brake pads -  front & rear


  • Nismo instrument cluster
  • 2016 Nissan GT-R (OEM) seats
  • T-Rex Tech 9.8” infotainment console (Android, Bluetooth, Touch, USB)
  • Carbon fibre sport GT-R steering wheel
  • Carbon fibre interior trim
  • Polarized rear-view mirror (blue)


During the comprehensive inspection conducted by Downshift Auto Services, only minor wear and tear wear items were found. Namely, the interior has minor interior wear and tear, and the front windshield wipers need replacement. In addition, the A/C Compressor pressure is low, suggesting a potential service requirement. The full details can be found in the Inspection Report.

As mentioned earlier, this car is free of any accidents. This vehicle is currently registered in Abu Dhabi and comes with two sets of keys and full documentation.

Additional parts included with the sale include:

- Nissan (OEM) head unit/console
- A set of drag wheels: 18” Rays w. Mickey Thompson tires 275/45/18 front & 345/35/18 rear

Please review the photos for all the findings.

*Please review the photos for all the findings.





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