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2015 425 HP Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X RS Manual

Location:Dubai, UAE
VIN (Chassis #):JMYSNCZ4AFU000224
Engine:2.0L Inline-4 Turbo
Mileage Type:km
Exterior Color:White
Interior Color:Black/Grey
Market Value Estimation:-
Inspection ReportOpen report
History ReportOpen report

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This 5-speed manual Mitsubishi Lancer Evo RS is one of the last examples of the brand’s racing and rally heritage.

- This is a 1 owner vehicle with only 29K kilometres
- Multiple upgrades bump this engine’s output to 425 WHP
- The interior, exterior and suspension are also modified


Registered in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates this Evo RS has had only one owner since it left the showroom. The vehicle was mainly used as a time-attack tool and for weekend getaways. Moroever, all service has been done at reputable garages.


  • The exterior of the car is finished in Mitsubishi Wicked White
  • Several aero upgrades have been made to improve the looks and downforce of the vehicle.
  • The inside of this beautiful Mitsubishi Evo RS is equipped with leather and Alcantara Recaro seats and Sparco 5-point racing seat belts.
  • A custom bolt-on roll-cage by Sam Performance is fitted to increase the body strength and additional protection in the event of a roll-over.
  • In addition to the track-focused upgrades, the vehicle was fitted with a high-end audio system.


  • A host of performance modifications take this 2.0-litre turbocharged inline-4 up to 425 wheel horsepower.
  • Power is transmitted through a 5-speed manual gearbox to all 4 tyres.
  • Engine internals were replaced to ensure that they can handle the higher power output.


The owner also has all of the stock suspension parts and can provide them with the car. Moreover, a few areas of upcoming repair and maintenance were noted during the inspection namely:

- Leaks were found at the engine oil pan, turbo return line, front main seal and front timing cover
- The front axle boots along with the rear left axle have leaks on the inner side
- The exhaust hanger is broken
- All brake discs require skimming Full details can be found in the Inspection Report



  • AMS Performance Evo X STX 500-spec Garrett 30R Turbocharger
  • JE Pistons
  • Manley Pro Series Turbo Tuff Connecting rods
  • ARP Head Studs
  • KING Race Bearings
  • HKS Head Gasket
  • Overhaul Gasket
  • Manley Valve Springs and Retainers
  • Ferrera Intake + Exhaust Valves
  • Kelford Cams
  • New Cylinder Head
  • HKS Oil Thermostat
  • Valve Spring Lock
  • Air Filter K&N
  • Valve lifters
  • HKS Spark Plugs
  • PTP Turbo Blankets Heat Wrap Lava 2in x 50ft
  • AMS EVO X Widemouth Downpipe with Turbo outlet pipe
  • 3 inches Elbow for the intake
  • K&N RE-0930 Universal Air Filters / for 3 inches Intake

Sound System:


  • BLAM On Stage 80 wideband speakers (pair) 
  • BLAM 165Multix 6.5” in-door mid-bass (pair) 


  • FOCAL 130KRC 5.25” coaxial speaker (pair) 
  • HELIX P SIX DSP DSP + 6channel amplifier 
  • HELIX HECBT Bluetooth Module for PsixDSP   
  • HELIX Director Digital remote controller 
  • FOCAL PFS1500 Mono amplifier for Sub 
  • FOCAL HIGH CAP Capacitor for FPS1500   
  • SUBWOOFER: BLAM SuperSub 10 10” 500rms/1000Wmax subwoofer


  • FOCAL EK35 Power cable/fuse/RCA   
  • RCA 3 x from radio to PsixDSP   
  • FOCAL ES15 Speaker Cable 1.5mm2   
  • FOCAL ES25 Subwoofer cable 2.5mm2   
  • STP Gold Aero 10SH (4 doors + rear Panels) 
  • STP SPL08 3SH (doors)   
  • STP Bitoplast A10K 2SH (plastic panels) (prevents internal plastic panels vibration)
  • Screen: 10.2″ HD Digital Capacitive Touch Screen Octa Core Android 8.0 car GPS player 32G ROM + 4G auto radio for Mitsubishi Lancer 10 EV


  • APR Gtc 300 Series  
  • Vortex generator
  • APR Front Bumper Canards
  • APR Splitters
  • Wheels GTC01RR
  • Kumho k720 R 265/35/18
  • Brake Discs: 
  • DBA 5000 Series T3 Front with Brake Duct
  • DBA 4000 Series T3 Back
  • Raybestos ST43 Front and back Brake Pads
  • HKS Hyper Max SP
  • Brake Duct Hose

*Please review the photos for all the findings.






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