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2018 Subaru WRX STI (722 WHP)

Location:Dubai, UAE
VIN (Chassis #):JF1VA22K5JG014455
Engine:2.5L Flat-4
Transmission:Manual (6-speed)
Mileage Type:km
Exterior Color:Matte Grey wrap [White under]
Interior Color:Black
Market Value Estimation:-
History ReportOpen report
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NoLemons Buyer Fee


This is a 2018 Subaru WRX STI extensively modified by SAM Performance to produce 722 hp to the wheels.

  • Extensive SP700 performance build recently completed
  • Over AED 150,000 (∼$40,000) spent in modifications
  • 6-speed manual


This is a 2018 Subaru WRX STI extensively modified by SAM Performance, a high performance tuner and engine builder based in Dubai. This STI has their SP700 kit which increases power from a stock 305 hp to over 722 hp at the wheels. The total build cost a reported AED 150,000 (∼$40,000 USD) with over half spent on the engine build.


This STI was originally sold and serviced by Al Khoory, the official Subaru dealer in Dubai. The car has since been extensively modified at SAM Performance. A breaking in period of 1,200 km was completed with 3 oil changes and now runs on Motul 10W 60 engine oil.


The SAM Performance SP700 STI build is reported to produce 722+ hp at the wheels and approxiatmely 900 hp at the flywheel. The tune features 3 switchable maps including a base of 450 hp, 560 hp at 25 PSI and 722 hp at 38 PSI. Dyno mapping sheets are also avalaible by SAM Performance.


Engine and related:

  • Precision 6466 Turbo (64mm)
  • Tial 44mm wastegate
  • Turbo blanket
  • HFS3 Aquamist methanol injection
  • ETS intercooler
  • Modified intercooler piping
  • HKS blow-off valve
  • CSF radiator
  • Exedy stage 4 heavy duty twin clutch
  • Manley pistons
  • Darton sleeves
  • Manley Turbo Tuff I-Beam Rods
  • Roger Clark Motorsport 14mm head studs (fire locked during fitment)
  • GSC S2 camshafts
  • GSC valve springs
  • ACL race bearings
  • ATI crank damper pulley
  • G-Force Killer B Motorsport baffled sump
  • Killer B Motorsport oil control valve block kit
  • ID 1300XDS fuel injectors
  • ARD fuel rail
  • Nuke fuel surge tank
  • Walbro 450lph fuel pump
  • AEM screen gauges
  • AEM CAN expander wiring
  • 4 Bar MAP sensor
  • Process West (Corsa Veloce) intake manifold
  • 4" suction intake piping
  • Custom headers
  • Heat wrapped down and up-pipe
  • Screamer pipe
  • Invidia high performance exhaust


  • Ohlins R/T fully adjustable coilover suspesnion
    • Algined with slightly more negative camber
  • Brembo STI brake calipers (yellow facelift)
  • Giro 2-piece front brake discs
  • Pagid Racing front brake pads
  • Stoptech braided brake lines
  • Motul 770 racing brake fluid
  • Electronic mulit-mode driver controlled center differential (DCCD)


  • APEX Racing lightweight 18" Bronze alloy wheels
  • Front splitter
  • Matte grey body wrap
  • Rear diffuser


RMA Motors, a used car showroom in Dubai Investment Park, undertook an inspection upon intially recieving the car and noted the following remarks:

  •  Damaged A/C vent adjuster
  • Wiper washer stank sensor malfunction (removed wire)
  • Rear tire on the right hand side had crackson the outer edge and minor cracks on the side
  • A hard clutch pedal (due to the upgraded heavy duty exeedy clutch)
  • Underbody cover has been removed
  • Tire pressure monitor system (TPMS) sensor has been removed 

All observations and further details can be found on the History Report.

Note: Photos provided are from RMA Motors. This vehicle was not photograhed by NoLemons. No videos are avalaible at this time.


The description is accurate to the best of the seller’s knowledge. NoLemons requests extensive details about the vehicle from the seller and performs due diligence to avoid misleading any potential buyers. However, potential buyers are encouraged to independently review, inspect, or conduct any research they feel is necessary before committing to buy. 

Please note that this car is heavily modified and issues may be undetectable even upon inspection.  Photographs, videos and inspection reports are provided to provide as much information. It is a bidder’s responsibility to review or investigate further before committing to bid or buy. This also by raising any questions with the seller via NoLemons.

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*Please review the photos for all the findings.