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2017 Lotus Exige Sport 380

Location:Dubai, UAE
VIN (Chassis #):SCCLKHBC8HHD10912
Engine:Supercharged, V6
Mileage Type:km
Exterior Color:Laser Blue
Interior Color:Black/Grey
Market Value Estimation:-
Inspection ReportOpen report
History ReportOpen report

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This track-ready monster is one of the top-range Exige models packed with plenty of horsepower and razor-sharp handling. Running only 43k kilometres, the car is a single-owner GCC example.

- The V6 supercharged engine propels this car to 100 kph in 3.5 seconds
- Outstanding power to weight ratio with 375 hp and only 1,110 kg


This 2017 Exige Sport 380 is a 1-owner car purchased from the Lotus dealer. This example is a low-mileage GCC spec vehicle with original paint and no known issues.

Lotus has a long reputation for razor-sharp handling, superb steering feel and impressive performance on the track. What makes this Exige 380 special is an intense focus on power, lightness, and aero.

Power: Lotus starts with a 3.5L supercharged and centrally mounted V6. They then tweak the supercharger, recalibrate the ECU, and add an uprated fuel pump and exhaust system. The result is 375hp and a 0-100kph time of just 3.5 seconds.

Lightness: Lotus makes liberal use of carbon fibre for the bumpers/clam cover, roof, tailgate, sports seats and more. Forged aluminium wheels and AP racing brakes shave off the remaining kilos. All in this featherweight tips the scales at just 1,100 kg.


  • AP Racing two-piece brakes, front and rear
  • Lightweight forged aluminium wheels
  • 6-speed close ratio gearbox
  • Exposed shift mechanism with adjustable gates
  • Red trim and stitching

The carbon fibre package includes the following:

  • Front lip
  • Front clam cover
  • Side sills
  • Rear diffuser trim
  • Rear spoiler
  • Front canards
  • FIAA Driver and passenger seats
  • Dash AC vent bezels


- GAZ coilovers
- Front ARB 3-way adjustable roll bar
- Rear ARB 3-way adjustable roll bar
- Air intake
- Janspeed stainless Catback with valve for race mode
- Replaced all under tray hardware with new 316 stainless


- The vehicle recently had paint correction and full ceramic coating. In addition, the wheels were refreshed at View Car Care Abu Dhabi

- The owner reports engine oil service, including flushing the oil cooler, has been completed every 5,000km using Mobil-1 5W40

- Headlights replaced at Lotus under warranty Feb 2020 at 37,010 km

- The clutch was replaced at Lotus under warranty at approx. 11,000 km

- Engine oil service #1 and #2 were completed at Lotus


- A minor and low-speed parking accident occurred in Feb 2020. A vehicle reversed into the Exige, causing a paint scrape on the front driver-side fender. Confirmation and pictures of this can be found on the MOI website. An upload is also provided on the History Report above.

- The owner reports this resulted in a small base coat scrape. The affected area was blended and cleared by View Car Care.

- The owner also mentioned the majority of the mileage is from highway use with some spirited back road drives.

- The owner reports he conducted the maintenance and service by himself, namely engine oil and filter changes. The owner has self-recorded services which can be found on the History Report.

- New Kumho Eccsta V720 tires will be installed 225/40 R17 front and 285/35/R18 rear

*Please review the photos for all the findings.


Walk-Around, Interior, Engine Start

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