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2015 Nissan Patrol Turbo (700 hp)

Location:Dubai, UAE
VIN (Chassis #):JN8FY1NY6FX008714
Engine:4.8L I-6
Mileage Type:km
Exterior Color:Nardo Grey
Interior Color:Brown
Market Value Estimation:-
Inspection ReportOpen report
History ReportOpen report
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This modified Y61 generation Patrol Super Safari is a recent build believed to produce 700 hp.

  • Fully built 4.8L inline 6-cylinder engine with upgraded internals, cooling and more
  • Garret 62mm single turbo
  • Suspension upgrades and several off-road accessories installed


This Patrol has since been extensively modified with a fully built 4.8L inline 6-cylinder engine swap that was installed under 4k km ago at 106k km. This build also features signficant suspension, cooling and braking upgrades. The exterior has a full rotisserie repaint to Nardo grey from a bare shell. Inside the interior now features brown vinyl seats. In addition, a Pioneer headunit and Rockford audio system including tweeters, amplifer and custom subwoofer was professionally installed.


This build was done at Sport Car Garage a high performance modification shop for 4x4s based out of Al Khawaneej in Dubai, UAE.

  • New transmission and controller
  • Turbo: Garrett 3884R 62mm
  • Pistons: Ross Racing +25 -22
  • Rods: CP Carillo H Beam
  • Camshaft: Bu 3baid stage 3
  • Injectors: ID1050X
  • Spark Plugs: HKS M40IL (NGK #8)
  • Fuel Pump: Walbro Hellcat 525LPH 
  • Oil Pump: Reimax
  • Head studs: ARB L19
  • Valve spring: M5 bu 3baid
  • Valve seat: +1mm 
  • Valve retainer: Titanium Brian Crowe
  • Lifter: Nissan Armada solid lifters
  • Main bearings: OEM
  • Catch Can: Vibrant Performance #12697
  • Radiator: KOYO 53mm Core Radiator
  • Radiator fans: Mercedes G63
  • ECU: Syvecs S7+ with 6 interchangable tunes (push to change)
    • Custom programmed warning and warmup messages
  • Screen: Motec C125
  • Fuel Regulator: Fuel Lab
  • Supertech intake and exhaust
  • Springs: Dobinson’s
  • Shocks: KING Stage 2.5 shocks and steering dampener
  • Brakes: CEIKA Big Brake Kit 8F 6R 
  • Wheels: Rays TE37 Bronze 18"
  • Tires: Michelin Defender LTX 275/65 R18  (29213121)


  • ARB double compressor with remote reservoir and tubing
  • Lights: 360
  • 360 Baja Design lightning. Total of 60,000 Lumens of output.
  • Ironman Drawer system (trunk)
  • Ironman 4x4 Roofrack with 270 degree bat awning (not installed but included)
  • Custom car cover


This Y61 Patrol is a recent build with the engine installed at 106k km. It does not have come with any previous service history.


The seller, RMA Motors, a used car showroom in Dubai Investment Park, undertook an inspection upon recieving the car and noted the following :

  • Play in the front left wheel bearing
  • Fuel leak requiring replacing the fuel pump and gasket
  • Weak brakes requiring replacing the brake master cylinder and brake booster
  • A loose front grill
  • The transmission manual shift does not work
  • New wiper blades needed

All these observations and other findings can be reviewed on the History Report.


In addition several exterior panels were noted to need paint and paintless dent removal. These can be reviewed on the Inspection Report.


This Y61 generation Patrol originally came from the factory with a light gold exterior, black fabric interior, and TB48 4.8L inline-6. The performance modifications undertaken were recorded and approved at the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), the vehicle licensing authority, in Dubai.



The description is accurate to the best of the seller’s knowledge. NoLemons requests extensive details about the vehicle from the seller and performs due diligence to avoid misleading any potential buyers. However, potential buyers are encouraged to independently review, inspect, or conduct any research they feel is necessary before committing to buy. 


Please note that this car is heavily modified and issues may be undetectable even upon inspection.  Photographs, videos and inspection reports are provided to provide as much information. It is a bidder’s responsibility to review or investigate further before committing to bid or buy. This also by raising any questions with the seller via NoLemons.

Please see our FAQs for the full terms and conditions.

*Please review the photos for all the findings.

*Please review the photos for all the findings.